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fasting, humiliation, & Prayer

By Continental Congress President Samuel Huntington
March 11, 1780 Philadelphia
By State of New Hampshire Committee of Safety
April 14, 1778

State of New Hampshire

In Committee of Safety, April 14, 1778


WHEREAS the Honorable Continental CONGRESS have recommended that Wednesday the twenty-sixth Instant be observed as a Day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer throughout the United-States:


THAT the Proclamation of the Honorable CONGRESS for observing the same, be forthwith printed, and sent to the several worshipping Assemblies in this State; to whom it is recommended religiously to observe the same.


M.WEARE, President,


IT Having pleased the righteous GOVERNOR of the World for the Punishment of our manifold Offences, to permit the Sword of War still to harrass our Country, it becomes us to endeavour, by humbling ourselves before him, and turning from every evil Way to avert his Anger and obtain his Favour and Blessing: It is therefore hereby recommended to the several States:

That WEDNESDAY the twenty-sixth Day of April next be set apart and observed as a day of FASTING, HUMILIATION and PRAYER, that we may with one Heart and one Voice implore the Sovereign Lord of Heaven & Earth, to remember Mercy in his Judgments;—to make us sincerely penitent for our Transgressions and prepare us for Deliverance, and to remove the Evils with which he hath been pleased to visit us; to banish Vice and Irreligion from among us, and establish Virtue and Piety by his Divine Grace;—to bless all public Councils throughout the United-States, giving them Wisdom, Firmness and Unanimity, and directing them to the best Measures for the public good;—to bless the Magistrates and People of every Rank, and animate and unite the Hearts of all to promote the Interest of their Country; to bless the public Defence, inspiring all Commanders and Soldiers with Magnanimity and Perseverance, and giving Vigour and Success to the Military Operations by Sea and Land;—to bless the illustrious Sovereign, and the Nation in Alliance with these States, and all who interest themselves in the support of our Rights and Liberties;—to make that Alliance of perpetual extensive usefulness to those immediately concerned, and Mankind in general; to grant fruitful Seasons, and to bless our Industry, Trade, and Manufactures;—to bless all Schools and Semminaries of Learning, and every Means of Instruction & Education; to cause Wars to cease, and to establish Peace among the Nations.

And it is further recommended, That servile LABOUR and RECREATION be forbidden on said Day.

DONE in CONGRESS the eleventh Day of March, in the Year of our LORD One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty, and in the Fourth Year of our INDEPENDENCE.


[Emphasis added]

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